Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Little signs

I want to keep a running record of all the "signs" I have received from Razzle! I already posted about some of them, but here are some examples of little things that have happened over the past couple months:

* The day after I posted my tribute video to Razzle on YouTube, I went out to CVS at lunchtime (already weird because I usually go to Walgreens, which is right around the corner). Not looking for anything in particular, I wandered over to the makeup section and was drawn to a particular shade of lipstick. The name of the color on the lipstick: RAZZLE.
Neutrogena Lipgloss - Color: RAZZLE

*On September 18th, Steve was picking me up from an appointment and noticed a store across the street that had tons of little ceramic figurine animals on a table. From a distance, he noticed one of the figures had fallen off the display table and was in the shop window on the floor. He got closer and looked at it: the one animal that had fallen was a hedgehog.
The table of animals

The "fallen hedgie":

*One night while lying in bed, I thought I heard "Razzle noises." I told Steve, "Shh! Listen! It sounds like Razzle!" Just then, Steve's iPhone, which was sitting on the bedside table - lit up all by itself (which has never happened). Even more ironic, the wallpaper on his phone was a close up picture of Razzle. So in the total darkness, a Razzle face illuminated just as we thought we heard him making noise.

*For some unknown reason, every once in a while, Steve's hands will itch they way they only did after holding Razzle.

*After talking to Razzle one morning and telling him I miss him, I was cleaning and lifted up something on top of a high dresser and found a quill. <3