Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fenway's Big Night in the City

Hi Mom, Dad and Gramma! I'm having a lot of fun at Uncle Steven and Auntie Debbie's!

At first I was a little uncertain about the whole thing....

But then I quickly settled in!

I put on my best cute act, but Uncle Steven wouldn't give me a bite of his lunch. Hmmph! This usually works with Gramma...

Maybe if I come down here so he can see my cuteness more....

Oh well. Guess I'll settle for some chicken leg!

Uncle Steven, will you come out with me for another walk?

I'm all ready for my walk! Let's go!

Look at me walking in the city!

Chicago is my kind of town!

Don't I look good in the snow?

Whew, that was a long walk. I'm pooped!

Well, I'll write more later. I think I am going to stretch out a little bit and watch some TV. I'm feeling a bit sleepy and....


(Fenway will write more later!)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Vote for Chicago Animal Care & Control !

I just voted in's online contest to make 2009 "A New Year of Hope for Animals." If my favorite local animal shelter wins this contest, my shelter will win a much needed $10,000 donation! Every vote helps promote the need for pet adoption to save homeless animals' lives. Please help my shelter - Chicago Animal Care & Control - win and save homeless pets by voting today!

Click HERE to vote!