Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fenway's Big Night in the City

Hi Mom, Dad and Gramma! I'm having a lot of fun at Uncle Steven and Auntie Debbie's!

At first I was a little uncertain about the whole thing....

But then I quickly settled in!

I put on my best cute act, but Uncle Steven wouldn't give me a bite of his lunch. Hmmph! This usually works with Gramma...

Maybe if I come down here so he can see my cuteness more....

Oh well. Guess I'll settle for some chicken leg!

Uncle Steven, will you come out with me for another walk?

I'm all ready for my walk! Let's go!

Look at me walking in the city!

Chicago is my kind of town!

Don't I look good in the snow?

Whew, that was a long walk. I'm pooped!

Well, I'll write more later. I think I am going to stretch out a little bit and watch some TV. I'm feeling a bit sleepy and....


(Fenway will write more later!)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Vote for Chicago Animal Care & Control !

I just voted in's online contest to make 2009 "A New Year of Hope for Animals." If my favorite local animal shelter wins this contest, my shelter will win a much needed $10,000 donation! Every vote helps promote the need for pet adoption to save homeless animals' lives. Please help my shelter - Chicago Animal Care & Control - win and save homeless pets by voting today!

Click HERE to vote!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Five Fun Filled days with Fritz the Fabulously Friendly Feline!

Over the Thanksgiving week, Steve and I were the lucky cat sitters for FRITZ the Cat!! Fritz is the sweet kitty of Auntie Janice. How cute is he?

We had so much fun with him, and he was such a good boy. We just loved watching him roam around and explore. He also loved sleeping and relaxing and took "lounging" to a new level.

He also liked playing with his toys, particularly in his crinkle tunnel!

Attacking the feather toy

Sitting back after a big meal

Fritz was really a joy to have around. He liked to do his own thing, but once in a while would come over to inspect us.
Curious Fritzy

It was just a breeze to have him here. As Steve exclaimed, He's such a cool cat.". Indeed, he is!

His favorite spot by the window

We miss you already Fritz, but we're glad you are back with your parents and siblings. I'm sure they missed you. You are welcome back any time!! We'll keep your "spot" on the couch ready for you anytime you want to visit.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Thanksgiving Tradition

Farm Sanctuary's Adopt A Turkey Project has become a holiday tradition in our house. Every year, Steve and I each sponsor a turkey that lives at the sanctuary. We receive a little card with our turkeys' picture, which is really cute. Thanksgiving is not a good time to be a turkey, unless you live at the Farm Sanctuary!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


This week, Steve and I attended a seminar hosted by the Humane Society of the United States ("HSUS"). One of the biggest battles being fought by HSUS are the horrors of puppy mills. It was so hard to watch the videos they showed that night. Many people closed their eyes tightly and blocked their ears. Some people left the room. I knew what to expect, as I have seen these videos before, but it never gets easier to watch.

But I believe we CAN make a difference! The HSUS encourages all animal lovers to help out by doing a few simple things. Please check out THIS PAGE on their website to learn more about what YOU can do to help!!

Something you can do RIGHT NOW!

One of the HSUS's recent investigations uncovered that America's largest chain of puppy-selling pet stores, Petland Inc., is also the nation's largest retail supporter of puppy mills. Their eight-month investigation revealed that many Petland stores across the country are marketing puppy mill puppies to unsuspecting consumers.

It only takes a minute....

Contact Petland's corporate headquarters to express your concern for puppy mills and ask Petland to stop selling puppies. Fill in and submit an email which will automatically send a message.

Remember to personalize the email message by expressing your opinion in your own words so your message stands out.

It literally only takes a minute, but can make a big difference if enough of us participate. Here is the link to send your email:CLICK HERE

Here is the email I sent today:

I just saw an investigation by The Humane Society of the United
States, which revealed that many Petland stores across the
country are marketing puppy mill puppies to unsuspecting
consumers. Petland--adopt a business model that doesn't include
selling puppies.

I volunteer my time at my local shelter, and there are thousands
of beautiful dogs that are euthanized every year due to
overpopulation. Please stop selling puppies while homeless dogs
and puppies wait to be adopted. By selling puppies, you are
supporting the horrible conditions at puppy mills and adding to
the problem. I'll tell my family and friends to stop shopping at
Petland as long as you sell puppies!

Thank you, and please do the right thing.

I hope you will join me and urge Petland to stop selling puppies! Thank you friends!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Good News!

Wow, I've been a blogging fool as of late! But more good news on the animal front:

For those who watched Obama's victory speech last night, remember when he addressed his daughters and told them they would be getting the puppy he promised them? Well read on!

Earlier this year, rumors began circulating that the Obamas were planning to add a doggy addition to their family. Ingrid Newkirk, president of PETA, quickly penned a letter to Barack saying: “Senator, no one needs to tell you that this country is proud to be a melting pot and that there is something deeply wrong and elitist about wanting only a purebred dog. Millions of Great American Mutts—the dog that should be our national dog—are set to die in our nation’s extremely overcrowded pounds and shelters for lack of good homes. When you are ready, please adopt a homeless pound puppy—a grateful refugee from a society that has not always treated the true “underdog” kindly—rather than cater to special interests who do not have dogs’ interests at heart.”

Well it looks like the Obama family listened. Michelle Obama announced on Entertainment Tonight that her family was indeed planning to “adopt a rescue dog,” and we couldn’t be happier about it! It’s no surprise that Obama is making the responsible decision here, especially after he had a vegan moment earlier this summer.

All of us volunteers at City of Chicago Animal Control are beyond excited! It's just wonderful that they are adopting from a shelter, but wouldn't it be something if the Obama's adopted from the CACC!

Regardless of what shelter they adopt from, the Obama family’s decision to adopt will set a great example, and will result in many dogs and cats being saved from euthanasia across the country.

The People Have Spoken: YES! on Prop 2

Congratulations to animal protection advocates throughout the country for getting the word and the vote out for farm animals! In a historic victory, California voters have approved Proposition 2, a landmark measure that bans three of the cruelest factory farming confinement systems – battery cages, veal crates and gestation crates -- in the state by 2015. By a a vote of more than 60 percent Californians sent a clear message to big agribusiness that cruelty to animals is unacceptable.

With this historic vote, California becomes the fifth state to ban gestation crates, the third to ban veal crates and the first to ban battery cages!

While Prop 2 will curtail the suffering of millions of animals in California, the repercussions throughout the country promise to be even more profound: As California goes, so goes the rest of the nation. California’s new laws against farm animal cruelty hold the potential to spark an unstoppable precedent for change in the way farm animals are treated nationwide.

Battery cages - BANNED!

95% of the eggs in the US come from hens who are crammed five or more into a cage the size of a filing drawer, with each given less than the size of a piece of typing paper in which to live her life. Prevented from ever touching the ground or extended their wings, laying hens are among the most tortured of all farm animals.

However, with the passage of Prop 2, egg producers will be required to provide birds with enough space to comfortably turn around and spread their wings. – affecting the lives of almost 19 million animals.
Prop 2 will also end the confinement of pregnant sows inside gestation crates and calves inside veal crates. Although these operations are less prevalent in the state than factory egg farms, it will help the thousands of animals currently confined in them and prevent new factory farms from moving into the state.

Gestation crates - BANNED!
The majority of sows bred to provide piglets to the pork industry spend most of their lives inside gestation crates, 2-foot-wide metal enclosures that severely restrict the animals' movement and thwart their natural behaviors.

Veal crates - BANNED!
Crated veal calves are normally confined inside 2-foot-wide enclosures for their entire lives. Usually chained by their necks, these animals cannot even turn around, stretch their limbs, or lie down comfortably.

California’s passage of Prop 2 has monumental implications for farm animals and is likely to ignite a spark around the country. It has also helped raise the consciousness of millions of people nationwide to the plight of farm animals and helped tear down the veil of deception that the factory farming industry has used for so long to shield consumers from the truth of their cruelties.

Prop 2 was a modest proposal, simply asking that these animals receive the most basic considerations, yet its success prompts a dramatic shift in the public’s recognition that animals are sentient, deserving of protection and should not be treated as mere commodities.

California residents helped make it possible to get factory farming systems noticed by the entire country. From commercials across the state to appearances on national television programs, including Ellen and Oprah, animal advocates were able to spread the word to everyone with a television!

This exposure is a victory not only for the animals in California, but for farm animals across the country. As California sets this precedent to ban ALL three confinement systems, we can expect to see other states step up to the plate.

What Happens Now
Producers in California will have until 2015 to convert to more humane systems for hens, calves and gestating sows. But this is not the end: in fact, it is just the beginning. State legislatures around the country are about to begin their next legislative session – providing animal advocates with an opportunity to educate and advance policy similar to prop 2 in their state. Please take action by contacting your state legislators and urging them to introduce or support similar humane legislation in your state.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me (a little late...!)

My birthday (October 18) fell on a Saturday, which entitled me to an entire BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! :) The thing I really wanted to do was go to a pumpkin patch, and Steve took me to two that I picked out.

The first one was Settler's Pond in Beecher, IL, which was not only a pumpkin patch, but a farm animal sanctuary!
Cute little donkey

Hello. Do you have some corn for me?

"I love watching these weird humans. They are so entertaining!"

Proud peacock showing off his feathers

My pumpkin in the pumpkin patch

The second pumpkin patch we went to was Bengtson Pumpkin Farm in Homer Glen, IL.

I loved Hippity Hop Village

Steve is such a good sport!! Can you tell this was meant for a kid about 7 years old? hehehe. It's ok - Steve is just a big kid anyway.

They even had a band there playing "live"...well, sort of..

Steve and I in the corn maze

And I had to add this in just because it was so good - an edible bouquet that Steve had delivered on my b-day. I think I ate all the chocolate covered bananas the moment I opened it. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Deb's $20/20 Fundraising Page to Help Farm Animals

Hello friends,

As you know, I love animals. That's why I'm asking you to join me in a critical effort to help reduce the suffering of 20 million -- that’s right, 20 million -- farm animals.

Basically, on Election Day in November, people in California will have the chance to vote on a commonsense measure that will help animals suffering inside factory farms. These animals are crammed into cages and crates so small that they can't even turn around, lie down, or stretch their limbs. Proposition 2 will give them these basic freedoms.

If passed, Prop 2 is expected to have a huge impact on reforming factory farming practices nationwide -- which is why you don't need to live in California to help. It's also why the agribusiness industry is spending millions to fight this reasonable reform, making it critical that animal protection advocates raise money needed to reach voters. I'm asking you to join me in reaching my goal of having 20 friends donate $20 (or whatever you can! Every bit helps!) to help 20 million animals. Will you join me, and help me reach my goal?

This is a very important cause to me, so thank you -- from me, and the animals! Please click HERE to go to my page! Then click on the red "Donate Now" graphic to donate to my $20/20 Campaign!