Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Froggy & Mousey Show!!!

Miss Mouse looking divine
I have the honor of looking after Frog and Mouse this week while their parents are away. As usual, the kitties are being little angels.
Mousey came to greet me too!
Aww, Mousey kisses! <3
I'm ready for dinner!
What will Froggy pick for dinner?
Paw Lickin' Chicken it is!
Froggy doing a great job on his din dins!
Froggy, eat a little bit more!
I did a good job on my dinners!
The temps hit high 90s for a few days, but the kitties didn't seem to mind too much. Seems like the perfect reason to lounge. Who calls it the "dog days" of summer, anyway?
Hot Froggy
Keeping cool
Well kitties, I'll be back again tomorrow! Until then, keep cool and remember, Froggy you're in charge while mom & dad are gone, ok?
Benny coming to pick me up!