Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rest in Peace, sweet Geoffrey

June 6, 2005 - May 7, 2009

Dear, sweet Geoffrey peacefully passed over the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon... surrounded by his loving mom, his warm blankies, and memories of a very happy life.

I am so very fortunate to have met Geoffrey less than a week ago. He was, and always will be, a very special little soul. There is definitely a very strong feeling that there has been a shift in the universe; that something is just a bit different; that Geoffrey may not be *here*, but that the world is a better place because he was. He left behind his wonderful parents, Nikki and Steve, who adored him more than can be expressed in words.

After hearing the news, I was not much good here at work, and so I left the office to go outside to collect my thoughts. It's a warm, beautiful day today - reminiscent of Razzle's last day on Earth. Even the air has the same scent. It struck me that today is Thursday, same day of the week Razzle passed. It is also 5/7, and Razzle passed on 7/5. Coincidence, perhaps. But I do believe that Razzle and Geoffrey are now together, wheeling and playing, happy and healthy, telling each other stories and meeting new friends. It's nice to take comfort in that they will always be together.
A beautiful day today in honor of G

Thank you, Geoffrey, for the honor of meeting you and for bringing such joy to so many people, most especially your mom and dad. It was because of you that Steve and I were lucky enough to meet Nikki and Steve, and between us all your memory will always be kept alive. Perhaps that was your plan all along.

We miss you already, sweet boy.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Geoffrey, "Razzle's little brother"

This past weekend, Steve and I were honored to be able to meet "Razzle's little brother" Geoffrey and his wonderful parents, Nikki and Steve, in Toronto!

It was so wonderful to finally meet them all, and so exciting to hold sweet little Geoffrey, who reminds me so much of Razzle. Geoffrey used to be a very timid boy, but he was quite the social butterfly on this evening. He came out to greet me and showed me how he ate worms and beetles. He crawled in and out of his hedgie bag and let me pick him up. He was just a little doll.
Geoffrey coming out to say hello

Mr. Squrim-worm!

Unfortunately, Geoffrey's health has been declining the past few months as he nears his fourth birthday (June 6). Four years old is considered quite elderly in hedgehog years. Geoffrey has always been a very healthy boy, but his Mom has noticed he has been slowing down quite a bit. Over the past couple of days now, Geoffrey has practically stopped eating on his own and has had to be syringe-fed. I am keeping fingers, toes and quills crossed for my sweet little nephew. I am sick with worry about him. I asked Razzle to please watch over him and give him strength to regain his health.

Nikki gave me a small glass bottle with some of Geoffrey's quills so a part of him could be near his big brother, Razzle. I can't think of anything sweeter than this. I held those quills last night and wished with all my might that Geoffrey is back to his happy, healthy self once again.
Razzle watching over Geoffrey

Please keep Geoffrey and his parents in your thoughts. Stay strong precious G!!!!