Friday, June 6, 2008

There's a Birthday in the House!

Razzle's pal Geoffrey is THREE today!! Geoffrey is the cutest little boy who is loved so very much by his parents.

Click HERE to see an adorable picture of Geoffrey and read his birthday cards!

Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Geoffrey and we are wishing you many, many, many more!

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HedgieMate said...

Awww.... Thank you so much, Autie Razzle! I had an 8 course gourmet dinner for my birthday which consisted of 5 different high-quality cat kibble and a medley of mealworm larvae, pupae, and beetles. It was simply DELISIOUS! But hey, wait a minute, isn't it what I usually eat..., mom?

Hope things are going great for you and Uncle Steve. Oh, mom asked me to tell you that she has now booked her vacation in the fall. Let her know if you're interested in hooking up in you-know-where. ;-)

Signed Geoffrey (a.k.a. Mealie Monster)