Monday, August 16, 2010

Guess who? Froggy, Kismet and Mousey - that's who!!

I was also lucky enough to get to cat-sit the famous trio of Froggy, Kismet & Mousey for a few days!
Froggy is always first on the scene to greet me!

Awww Kismet kisses!

What time is it kitties?

"TIME FOR DINNER!!" says Frog enthusiastically.

What shall we have for dinner tonight, Mouse?
I'm torn between the Tender Beef and the Chicken feast...

I just want you to know that I am waiting patiently.

I am still waiting patiently.

In case you didn't see me, I'm here waiting patiently.

Finally ready!
Mouse does her three-twirl dinner dance.

We are waiting patiently too, but we know the rules: ladies first. :)

Nom nom nom nom nom.....

Aaah, that was a good meal.

Mousey does a little ballerina stretch

Kismet attempts to do the same

Are you MOCKING me??

I didn't think so.

Is it game time yet?

It's the string game!!

Grrr! Grrr! Ferocious kitty!

Mousey is unimpressed by string, but I know one thing Mousey cannot resist!
It's the String-Rustling-in-Trash game!


Froggy likes String-in-Trash game too!

Who could resist this face?

Aww Kismet is such a love bug!

Aww, Froggy! :)

Had to get in a picture of the cool garden!

OH, and a shout out to the robots!

See you again soon sweet kitties!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Kitties Kitties Everywhere!!!

I've been a bad blogger. And it's not that fun things haven't been happening. It may be that TOO many fun things have been happening and I just forgot to post all the pics!

First - Steve and I had the pleasure of hosting Johnny, Fritz and Katie for a few days in July.

Johnny is on a very low dose of insulin and was SUCH a good boy having his blood sugar test taken 2ce a day and getting his insulin shots. Here's Johnny being handsome:

Here's Katie Cat being super-cute as usual. She was not a happy camper getting into her carrier to come over, but once here, she settled down and loved relaxing on the window sill overlooking the city.

And of course, Mr. Fritz being his lovable self!

Fritz sizing up the tree....

I bet I could climb this...

I could totally climb this!

Whatever, dude. I'm not interested in climbing. I'm on vacation!

Fritz loved sitting on this bench.

That is, until someone else decided that SHE also liked the bench.

But I don't like to share the bench. :)

Who wants to play LASER TAG??

Whoa!! High jumping Fritz!!

And what did Johnny think of all this?

Whew...taking a break!

A tender moment caught on film...

Stretching it out...

Johnny is a good stretcher too!

Fritzy really enjoyed watching "24" with Steve!

Another productive day gone by.

Time to set some rest!