Friday, April 20, 2007


Razzle's pathology report came back and the tumor was benign!!


I had a feeling it was going to be ok, but it's nice to have it confirmed.

Razzle has been doing GREAT, healing fast, and full of energy. In fact, the doctor said he can have his wheel back. OH BOY! Razzle is going to LOVE IT. He has been going stir-crazy without his wheel. He wakes me up every night around 4am banging around in his cage and rearranging everything.

Also, I'm hoping that having the wheel back will tire him out a little more. He's been especially difficult when trying to administer his meds. He is just out of control squirmy...practically doing a back flip to avoid the meds coming near his mouth. The best way to administer his medications is when I have him in my hand and he is rolled up in a ball. Well he knows this and does just the opposite. Trying to get him to roll up has been a creative feat for both Steve and I. A loud noise used to work pretty well. No more. Razzle has become used to all our tricks and we have to constantly think of new sounds that might startle him. Crumpling paper worked for a couple days, but now that's old news to Razzle the Fearless. It's been taking me 15 or more minutes in the morning (while I'm rushing around trying to get ready for work) to try and get those meds into Razzle. I'm HOPING once he gets his wheel back he might lose some of this rebellious squirm energy and things will go a bit smoother.'s a good day!

GOOOO RAZZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Yippee for Poo and Pee! Yahoo for Pee and Poo!

A grumpy looking Razzle and his stitches:

Sung in the tune of "Hooray for Hollywood"

Hooray for Poo and Pee!
I never thought that I'd be so happy
To see a little wet blankie
and something quite stanky
but it surely made my day!

Hooray for Poo and Pee!
Yes Razzle's getting more and more healthy!
Pretty soon we'll be dealin'
with the mess from his wheelin'
But that will be A-OK !

As you may have guessed...Razzle left us little presents this morning, which is a VERY GOOD SIGN. We were getting worried because he hadn't gone since his return home. His doctor said to keep a close look-out, and if Razzle wasn't going, he'd have to be going back to the vet. So we were very relieved to see that he too, was relieved. ;-)

Gooooooooo Razzle!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Razzle is Home!!!

Razzle is home and recuperating very nicely! Per doctor's orders, he must take it easy and no strenuous activity. That wheel. I'm not sure if Razzle has noticed yet that his wheel has been removed from his quarters, but I guarantee once he does, there is going to be a very grumpy hoggie at home.

And if not having a wheel wasn't bad enough, Razzle now has even more meds to take. In addition to his two heart meds that he will always be on, he now will be on a mild pain-killer for the next couple weeks, as well as an antibiotic and a probiotic. Our refrigerator looks like a mini-pharmacy. I've even had to prepare a chart to keep track of all his medicine/doses/frequency.

But one thing Razzle is happy about is being home. He blissfully slept in his own igloo with his warm, soft blankies and no one to bug him. We kept quiet around him, made sure he was warm enough and had plenty of food. He was actually pretty quiet last night and slept most, if not all, of the night. I'm sure with his schedule being off, his rest was much needed.

His belly looks pretty good and he seems to be feeling much better. He was even a bit feisty when I tried to give him his medication.

So he's got some healing to do, but I think he's pretty much in good shape! In the meantime, Razzle is to relax and be waited on hand and paw. :)

Here's to a speedy recovery little one!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Update on Razzle's Surgery

Razzle in his post-surgery aquarium tank:

Looking a little worse for the wear...but a brave boy indeed..

So Steve and I went to visit Razzle tonight at the animal hospital. He was not a happy camper. When they brought him out to us in his little aquarium tank, he was a mad, huffy ball of spikes. The doctor said it was ok for me to pick him up. Once I did, he immediately recognized me and stopped hissing and unrolled to show me his stitches. It was so sad, and I felt SO GUILTY looking at him with his tired eyes and bruised, stitched up tummy. He was on some pain meds so he was a little loopy, but I could tell he was glad we were there. He gave me a few snuggles and we stayed with him for almost an hour, then we let him get his much needed rest.

We were waiting for him to do pee on his own, otherwise the doctor would have to insert a catheter. Luckily, he did pee but it was blood tinged. Not surprising given the area of his surgery, but the doctor is going to keep a close eye on it. Good news is, Razzle was eating up a STORM. He was eating before we got there, eating when we got there, and continued to eat after we left!! Proud papa Steve exclaimed, "That's my boy!"

So hopefully all goes well tonight and he can come home tomorrow. I miss my little boy and tonight is going to be strange not hearing the little pitter pat of hedgie feet running on the wheel. But I am so happy and relieved that he is doing well and has come this far.

Next to wait for the pathology report from the lab on the mass that was removed.

But for now, I just want to get my little pumpkin home and snuggled up in his warm fleece blankies. I think a shrimp & steak dinner is in order. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Surgery Day!

A very special photo from Razzle's Auntie Janice:

Today was Razzle's surgery. It was a tough morning saying goodbye to my little prickleball as Steve took him to his appointment. We got the call this afternoon that the surgery went well and Razzle is doing ok!!!!!!


He's not 100% out of the woods yet though. First, the surgery was a bit more involved than the doctor expected. The lump/cyst/tumor (we're not quite sure what it is yet) went a bit deeper than anyone knew. It was a good thing we did the surgery as soon as we could! In any event, he had some pretty serious surgery and now they are going to keep him overnight to keep an eye on him. One problem that may occur is it might be too painful for him to pee. If so, they are going to have to insert a catheter. So hopefully he pees on his own and I'll be able to take him home tomorrow.

Next step is to wait for the results of the biopsy.

Tonight we hope to be able to visit Razzle at the hospital. I'm sure he's going to be on some painkillers and very tired. Poor little thing! When he comes home, he's going to be crowed King Razzle and be waited on hand and foot. Steve asks, "And this is different how?" ;-)

Monday, April 9, 2007

Tomorrow is the Big Day


Tomorrow is Razzle's surgery. I finally told him about it tonight and let him know that everything is going to be ok. He acted a little funny afterwards...hiding out behind his wheel for a long time. ?? Strange behavior from him. In any event, I can tell that the lump is starting to interfere a bit with his walking. It really needs to come out ASAP. Razzle is still running on his wheel nightly, but it is minimal. Tomorrow Steve will be leaving at 8am to take Razzle to his appt. It's going to be a tough morning.....but I know he's a strong boy and is going to be just fine.

Keeping fingers, toes & quills crossed for my Razzle....

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Razzle has to have Surgery

Razzle had his follow-up appt this past Saturday to check his heart and how his meds are working as well as to look at the suspicious mass on his underside.

The X-rays showed the fluid in his heart/lungs has greatly diminished and it is obvious that the meds are doing their job! Razzle has been running on his wheel, eating up a storm (he gained weight) and overall looking good. I have noticed that the lump appeared larger, and the vet did say it has grown significantly since she saw him a month ago. It most likely is some kind of a cyst and NOT cancer (knock on wood...) but since it seems to be growing at a fast rate, we need to get it out ASAP.

So my baby is scheduled for surgery next week...April 10th. He'll spend the night at the hospital. With any surgery, there is risk...and with his heart disease, even more so. But my vet feels he is strong enough at this point....and that lump has got to go sooner rather than later. SIGH! Oh poor Razzle...he's been so brave. The thought of him being cut open scares the daylights out of me....but I trust my vet and it needs to be done.

I am going to take the day after Razzle's surgery off from work so I can pick him up and keep an eye on him all day. At my job, I need to put in a request for time off and usually people give a little explanation. I'm sure "picking up my hedgehog from surgery" is a time-off request you don't see very often.