Thursday, April 12, 2007

Razzle is Home!!!

Razzle is home and recuperating very nicely! Per doctor's orders, he must take it easy and no strenuous activity. That wheel. I'm not sure if Razzle has noticed yet that his wheel has been removed from his quarters, but I guarantee once he does, there is going to be a very grumpy hoggie at home.

And if not having a wheel wasn't bad enough, Razzle now has even more meds to take. In addition to his two heart meds that he will always be on, he now will be on a mild pain-killer for the next couple weeks, as well as an antibiotic and a probiotic. Our refrigerator looks like a mini-pharmacy. I've even had to prepare a chart to keep track of all his medicine/doses/frequency.

But one thing Razzle is happy about is being home. He blissfully slept in his own igloo with his warm, soft blankies and no one to bug him. We kept quiet around him, made sure he was warm enough and had plenty of food. He was actually pretty quiet last night and slept most, if not all, of the night. I'm sure with his schedule being off, his rest was much needed.

His belly looks pretty good and he seems to be feeling much better. He was even a bit feisty when I tried to give him his medication.

So he's got some healing to do, but I think he's pretty much in good shape! In the meantime, Razzle is to relax and be waited on hand and paw. :)

Here's to a speedy recovery little one!


HedgieMate said...

Geoffrey and I were holding our breath to hear this good news! Razzle, we're so glad that you're home with your mommy & daddy resting comfortably and that you're well on your way to full recovery. Yay! We're sure your loving mommy will nurse you back to health in record time. Enjoy being pampered (even more so than usual...oh, boy, we gonna end up with one big spoiled-rotten hedgie in no time too).

Miss Steffy said...

What a relief. Wish we could Fed-Ex some boiled shrimp to ya Razzle!

Razzle said...

I think we've already passed the point of spoiled rotten!! I mean, people want to Fedex him shrimp...can you get anymore spoiled than that? :-D