Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Surgery Day!

A very special photo from Razzle's Auntie Janice:

Today was Razzle's surgery. It was a tough morning saying goodbye to my little prickleball as Steve took him to his appointment. We got the call this afternoon that the surgery went well and Razzle is doing ok!!!!!!


He's not 100% out of the woods yet though. First, the surgery was a bit more involved than the doctor expected. The lump/cyst/tumor (we're not quite sure what it is yet) went a bit deeper than anyone knew. It was a good thing we did the surgery as soon as we could! In any event, he had some pretty serious surgery and now they are going to keep him overnight to keep an eye on him. One problem that may occur is it might be too painful for him to pee. If so, they are going to have to insert a catheter. So hopefully he pees on his own and I'll be able to take him home tomorrow.

Next step is to wait for the results of the biopsy.

Tonight we hope to be able to visit Razzle at the hospital. I'm sure he's going to be on some painkillers and very tired. Poor little thing! When he comes home, he's going to be crowed King Razzle and be waited on hand and foot. Steve asks, "And this is different how?" ;-)

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Candi said...

That photo is adorable!