Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Razzle has to have Surgery

Razzle had his follow-up appt this past Saturday to check his heart and how his meds are working as well as to look at the suspicious mass on his underside.

The X-rays showed the fluid in his heart/lungs has greatly diminished and it is obvious that the meds are doing their job! Razzle has been running on his wheel, eating up a storm (he gained weight) and overall looking good. I have noticed that the lump appeared larger, and the vet did say it has grown significantly since she saw him a month ago. It most likely is some kind of a cyst and NOT cancer (knock on wood...) but since it seems to be growing at a fast rate, we need to get it out ASAP.

So my baby is scheduled for surgery next week...April 10th. He'll spend the night at the hospital. With any surgery, there is risk...and with his heart disease, even more so. But my vet feels he is strong enough at this point....and that lump has got to go sooner rather than later. SIGH! Oh poor Razzle...he's been so brave. The thought of him being cut open scares the daylights out of me....but I trust my vet and it needs to be done.

I am going to take the day after Razzle's surgery off from work so I can pick him up and keep an eye on him all day. At my job, I need to put in a request for time off and usually people give a little explanation. I'm sure "picking up my hedgehog from surgery" is a time-off request you don't see very often.


Janice said...

Razzle is lucky to have such caring, observant parents and such an experienced, attentive vet. Combined with him being the TOUGH GUY that he is, he is going to sail through surgery. I'm so glad you are able to stay home the following day to nurse him back to health with cricket soup, etc. Prayers and positive thoughts coming from me, Brian, Johnny and Kiki. Keep us updated!

Miss Steffy said...

Baby, Gerber, the other 22 rodents and I will be keeping Razzle in our thoughts and prayers. Go get 'em champ!

HedgieMate said...

Razzle, I hope you had a good Easter weekend. Tomorrow is your BIG day. Geoffrey and I will be thinking of you all day. We're sure your surgery will go without hitch and you'll be reunited with your loving mommy the following day. Sending our positive energy and big good-luck hugs your way!!

Razzle said...

:) Thanks everyone!! I haven't even told Razzle about the surgery yet (I'm sure he's heard rumblings though). I didn't want to worry him. But tonight I am going to have a little talk with him and tell him what is going on. I know he is a brave boy and will do well. THanks for all the well wishes. Razzle sends everyone a big HISS!