Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Update on Razzle's Surgery

Razzle in his post-surgery aquarium tank:

Looking a little worse for the wear...but a brave boy indeed..

So Steve and I went to visit Razzle tonight at the animal hospital. He was not a happy camper. When they brought him out to us in his little aquarium tank, he was a mad, huffy ball of spikes. The doctor said it was ok for me to pick him up. Once I did, he immediately recognized me and stopped hissing and unrolled to show me his stitches. It was so sad, and I felt SO GUILTY looking at him with his tired eyes and bruised, stitched up tummy. He was on some pain meds so he was a little loopy, but I could tell he was glad we were there. He gave me a few snuggles and we stayed with him for almost an hour, then we let him get his much needed rest.

We were waiting for him to do pee on his own, otherwise the doctor would have to insert a catheter. Luckily, he did pee but it was blood tinged. Not surprising given the area of his surgery, but the doctor is going to keep a close eye on it. Good news is, Razzle was eating up a STORM. He was eating before we got there, eating when we got there, and continued to eat after we left!! Proud papa Steve exclaimed, "That's my boy!"

So hopefully all goes well tonight and he can come home tomorrow. I miss my little boy and tonight is going to be strange not hearing the little pitter pat of hedgie feet running on the wheel. But I am so happy and relieved that he is doing well and has come this far.

Next to wait for the pathology report from the lab on the mass that was removed.

But for now, I just want to get my little pumpkin home and snuggled up in his warm fleece blankies. I think a shrimp & steak dinner is in order. :)


HedgieMate said...

Yay for Razzle! I'm so glad you're eating up a storm as you'll need all the strength back to get well quickly. I have a hunch that you'll be served your favourite "Surf & Turf" dinners for the next while... You're such a brave little boy! Get well soon!!!

Miss Steffy said...

Oh what great news, we were very worrie when we read the post. Many joys and spoils awaits the returning hero, may he return soon. *snort* *hiss* -Gerber and Baby Huff-N-Stuff

Candi said...

Yay! I'm glad he is pee'ing and unrolling to show you his battle scars! He'll be so happy to be back home and to be spoiled again!!