Friday, April 20, 2007


Razzle's pathology report came back and the tumor was benign!!


I had a feeling it was going to be ok, but it's nice to have it confirmed.

Razzle has been doing GREAT, healing fast, and full of energy. In fact, the doctor said he can have his wheel back. OH BOY! Razzle is going to LOVE IT. He has been going stir-crazy without his wheel. He wakes me up every night around 4am banging around in his cage and rearranging everything.

Also, I'm hoping that having the wheel back will tire him out a little more. He's been especially difficult when trying to administer his meds. He is just out of control squirmy...practically doing a back flip to avoid the meds coming near his mouth. The best way to administer his medications is when I have him in my hand and he is rolled up in a ball. Well he knows this and does just the opposite. Trying to get him to roll up has been a creative feat for both Steve and I. A loud noise used to work pretty well. No more. Razzle has become used to all our tricks and we have to constantly think of new sounds that might startle him. Crumpling paper worked for a couple days, but now that's old news to Razzle the Fearless. It's been taking me 15 or more minutes in the morning (while I'm rushing around trying to get ready for work) to try and get those meds into Razzle. I'm HOPING once he gets his wheel back he might lose some of this rebellious squirm energy and things will go a bit smoother.'s a good day!

GOOOO RAZZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HedgieMate said...

Yay, Razzle!! So glad that you're recovering from the surgery so quickly! I'm sure your mommy will give you the wheel back very soon if you keep banging everything in the cage a few more nights... ;)

Funny that G doesn't like the noises paper makes either, particularly the swooshing sound of turning pages and I wondered if it reminded him of the sound of the wings of a bird of prey descending on his ancestors...

Keep up your great work, Razzle!

Candi said...

Hi Razzle!
Mommy already told me all your good news, but I had to stop by and hope that you're having fun being reunited with your wheel again! Lol! Are you back to running many miles each night to try to keep daddy awake? :P I hope you're better now and running like crazy!

Miss Steffy said...

Run Razzle Run!!! Give that wheel a night it will never forget.

Razzle said...

Razzle is loving his wheel! He's not going *too* crazy though, which is good. I think he gets tired more easily now. However, he is still messing up his cage AND fighting with me about his medicines. SIGH...boys!! I wonder if the paper sounds like wings of hawks!! HAHAHA! Razzle is even getting used to the crumpled paper sounds. He better not go out to the park or he'd be an easy target for a hawk!

Candi said...

Lol!! Wings of hawks!