Friday, April 13, 2007

Yippee for Poo and Pee! Yahoo for Pee and Poo!

A grumpy looking Razzle and his stitches:

Sung in the tune of "Hooray for Hollywood"

Hooray for Poo and Pee!
I never thought that I'd be so happy
To see a little wet blankie
and something quite stanky
but it surely made my day!

Hooray for Poo and Pee!
Yes Razzle's getting more and more healthy!
Pretty soon we'll be dealin'
with the mess from his wheelin'
But that will be A-OK !

As you may have guessed...Razzle left us little presents this morning, which is a VERY GOOD SIGN. We were getting worried because he hadn't gone since his return home. His doctor said to keep a close look-out, and if Razzle wasn't going, he'd have to be going back to the vet. So we were very relieved to see that he too, was relieved. ;-)

Gooooooooo Razzle!!!!!!!!!!


HedgieMate said...

We're relieved that you had relieved yourself! Your mommy and daddy are relieved too. Go Razzle!! You're such a trooper! Keep up your great work!

Miss Steffy said...

Way to GO! Keep going and going little buddy!