Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Many Moods of Mousey

When I went to visit Froggy, Kismet & Mousey last night, it was very apparent immediately that Mousey was not in the best of moods.

She hissed. She stayed away from playtime activities. She growled. Finally, I lured her out with the secret weapon: "mouse on a string". But things didn't turn around the way I had hoped.

I'll play!

The Fort - Part II - Fritz's Revenge

Fritz finds his own fort!

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Mysterious Shakespeare....

Twice now I have checked on Shakespeare, but no kitty to be found!

This is all I can report on the elusive Shakespeare:

His bowls

His litter box

I hope I will get to catch a glimpse of the shy feline on my return visit! Stay tuned...

The Fort

Hmm, what have we here? A nice little hideaway with my name on it.

Seems pretty sturdy...

Yes..this will make a fine fort.

HELLO? Excuse me?

Oh gee, sorry Katie...didn't see you in there.

I'll just go over here and mind my own business...

OK announcement to all: THIS IS MY FORT!

But later.....

Stay tuned for more "The FORT!"

Uptown Girl

Up with the Sun

We were all up very early this morning for some reason...and enjoyed breakfast during sunrise!

Katie helped me with food prep...


Fritz making sure that the portions are fair

Johnny has his own "reserved" table....

Breakfast in the sun

The beginning of a great day!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kittypaloosa II - Froggy, Kismet & Mousey

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I asked each of kitties what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving...

Froggy: I am thankful for my warm home, my loving parents, my toys, window sills, warm sunbeams, catnip, ear scratches, water from the sink, squirrels in the yard, snack time, naps, my ability to tell interesting stories...

Ok, thank you Froggy. And you, Mouse?

Mousey: I am thankful for my silky soft fur and my cute bunny paws. I am thankful for cardboard boxes and being left alone when I feel like it.

Very nice. And you, Kismet?
Kismet: i am thankful for the time. You know what time it is?

The boys chomping away

And treats for the kitty-sitter too!! WOW! Maren, did you make these? Soo yummy (especially the frosting!)

The most ingenious way to give medicine to a kitty

Ooh boy...Mouse has her "leave me alone" ears on.

Mousey hideaway. Ok Mouse, we'll leave you alone.

See you tomorrow sweet kitties!
Froggy: I can't wait to tell more stories!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The blog has been quiet as of late, but no more! I will be making up for lost time this week with a bunch of cute kitty blogs!!

First up, our house guests for the next few days - the clever Johnny Cat; the petite Katie-Cat; and the handsome Fritz.

Katie Cat getting the lay of the land...

The Ever-Attentive Johnny.

If you are looking for Fritz, here is the first place to look.

Taking time to smell the flowers.


Katie Cat found her own personal day spa....

Lounging in the bath

Checking out the city

Everyone is enjoying a relaxing evening while I bake yummy pumpkin and gingerbread goodies for Thanksgiving. Fritz has been Steve's buddy - coming over to rub around his feet and jumping in his lap. I am sooo jealous! Steve says it is because he is "cool like a cat" and isn't fawning over them the way I do. I am trying to stay "cool" and not bug the cats, but they are so darn cute I just can't help going over to see what they are doing; or want to pick them up and have them cuddle with me on the couch. SIGH!
GOODNIGHT ALL - until tomorrow.