Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kittypaloosa II - Froggy, Kismet & Mousey

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I asked each of kitties what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving...

Froggy: I am thankful for my warm home, my loving parents, my toys, window sills, warm sunbeams, catnip, ear scratches, water from the sink, squirrels in the yard, snack time, naps, my ability to tell interesting stories...

Ok, thank you Froggy. And you, Mouse?

Mousey: I am thankful for my silky soft fur and my cute bunny paws. I am thankful for cardboard boxes and being left alone when I feel like it.

Very nice. And you, Kismet?
Kismet: i am thankful for the time. You know what time it is?

The boys chomping away

And treats for the kitty-sitter too!! WOW! Maren, did you make these? Soo yummy (especially the frosting!)

The most ingenious way to give medicine to a kitty

Ooh boy...Mouse has her "leave me alone" ears on.

Mousey hideaway. Ok Mouse, we'll leave you alone.

See you tomorrow sweet kitties!
Froggy: I can't wait to tell more stories!

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Maren said...

Oh thank you Deb how well you know the kitties. I can't take credit for the treats my friend Lisa and her daughter Ella made them but they are homemade and I thought good cat sitter treats. Did you get the cute pen and hamster eraser.

It is kittypalooza.