Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The blog has been quiet as of late, but no more! I will be making up for lost time this week with a bunch of cute kitty blogs!!

First up, our house guests for the next few days - the clever Johnny Cat; the petite Katie-Cat; and the handsome Fritz.

Katie Cat getting the lay of the land...

The Ever-Attentive Johnny.

If you are looking for Fritz, here is the first place to look.

Taking time to smell the flowers.


Katie Cat found her own personal day spa....

Lounging in the bath

Checking out the city

Everyone is enjoying a relaxing evening while I bake yummy pumpkin and gingerbread goodies for Thanksgiving. Fritz has been Steve's buddy - coming over to rub around his feet and jumping in his lap. I am sooo jealous! Steve says it is because he is "cool like a cat" and isn't fawning over them the way I do. I am trying to stay "cool" and not bug the cats, but they are so darn cute I just can't help going over to see what they are doing; or want to pick them up and have them cuddle with me on the couch. SIGH!
GOODNIGHT ALL - until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Awww! Great pics, Deb! LOL at the 'if you need to find Fritz' photo. And what a fine kitty spa for our girl. That snuggly-in-a-bed Johnny was so nice to see too. So glad everyone's doing well. LOL at Fritz and Steve making me jealous!

Anonymous said...

whoops, meant making YOU jealous. :)