Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Deb's $20/20 Fundraising Page to Help Farm Animals

Hello friends,

As you know, I love animals. That's why I'm asking you to join me in a critical effort to help reduce the suffering of 20 million -- that’s right, 20 million -- farm animals.

Basically, on Election Day in November, people in California will have the chance to vote on a commonsense measure that will help animals suffering inside factory farms. These animals are crammed into cages and crates so small that they can't even turn around, lie down, or stretch their limbs. Proposition 2 will give them these basic freedoms.

If passed, Prop 2 is expected to have a huge impact on reforming factory farming practices nationwide -- which is why you don't need to live in California to help. It's also why the agribusiness industry is spending millions to fight this reasonable reform, making it critical that animal protection advocates raise money needed to reach voters. I'm asking you to join me in reaching my goal of having 20 friends donate $20 (or whatever you can! Every bit helps!) to help 20 million animals. Will you join me, and help me reach my goal?

This is a very important cause to me, so thank you -- from me, and the animals! Please click HERE to go to my page! Then click on the red "Donate Now" graphic to donate to my $20/20 Campaign!


Miss Steffy said...

That is wonderful Deb, absolutely wonderful. I am going to donate now. P.S. Happy Halloween

that girl said...

I am so excited about the changes Prop 2 can bring. I have informed the two Californians I know and they are on board.

I'm sorry to not donate on your page...but the good news is it's because I had just donated to the campaign the day before I got your email!

Go Prop 2! The Humane Society ads were well done. Did you see the dancing piggies?

Razzle said...

Yay!! Thanks guys! This would be fantastic to get this passed - it could mean other states will follow suit. Keeping fingers crossed!