Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me (a little late...!)

My birthday (October 18) fell on a Saturday, which entitled me to an entire BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! :) The thing I really wanted to do was go to a pumpkin patch, and Steve took me to two that I picked out.

The first one was Settler's Pond in Beecher, IL, which was not only a pumpkin patch, but a farm animal sanctuary!
Cute little donkey

Hello. Do you have some corn for me?

"I love watching these weird humans. They are so entertaining!"

Proud peacock showing off his feathers

My pumpkin in the pumpkin patch

The second pumpkin patch we went to was Bengtson Pumpkin Farm in Homer Glen, IL.

I loved Hippity Hop Village

Steve is such a good sport!! Can you tell this was meant for a kid about 7 years old? hehehe. It's ok - Steve is just a big kid anyway.

They even had a band there playing "live"...well, sort of..

Steve and I in the corn maze

And I had to add this in just because it was so good - an edible bouquet that Steve had delivered on my b-day. I think I ate all the chocolate covered bananas the moment I opened it. :)

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HedgieMate said...

Yay! A Happy (belated) Birthday!! It seems like you and Steve had great fun! May all your birthday wishes come true!!