Sunday, November 30, 2008

Five Fun Filled days with Fritz the Fabulously Friendly Feline!

Over the Thanksgiving week, Steve and I were the lucky cat sitters for FRITZ the Cat!! Fritz is the sweet kitty of Auntie Janice. How cute is he?

We had so much fun with him, and he was such a good boy. We just loved watching him roam around and explore. He also loved sleeping and relaxing and took "lounging" to a new level.

He also liked playing with his toys, particularly in his crinkle tunnel!

Attacking the feather toy

Sitting back after a big meal

Fritz was really a joy to have around. He liked to do his own thing, but once in a while would come over to inspect us.
Curious Fritzy

It was just a breeze to have him here. As Steve exclaimed, He's such a cool cat.". Indeed, he is!

His favorite spot by the window

We miss you already Fritz, but we're glad you are back with your parents and siblings. I'm sure they missed you. You are welcome back any time!! We'll keep your "spot" on the couch ready for you anytime you want to visit.

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that girl said...'s so nice to know that Fritz was not only "watched," he was loved and enjoyed! Visit him anytime. :)Fritz says he'll be "in touch."