Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season!!

With much Health & Happiness in the New Year!


Steven said...

I wish you were still here to celebrate with us my little buddy Razzle! I miss you very much!


HedgieMate said...

Best wishes for the holidays!

Your angle, Razzle, is still with you whenever you think of him. He's watching over both of you until the day you're ready to be reunited with him at the Rainbow Bridge. Think of him often and he'll keep sending you the small signs...

Geoffrey sends you huffs with love!

Miss Steffy said...

Gosh...I really miss my Razzle stories..Gerber and Baby send many huffs and puffs and hisses your way.

Candi said...

And you're poking *me* to update? haha!

Cute hedgehog pics! They look like little Brian Boitanos!