Friday, April 4, 2008

We Heart BraveHog!

The wonderful CRITTERCAMP has rescued another hedgehog aptly named "BraveHog". Dear readers, this sweet little hedgehog was found in a dumpster! It appears that someone just THREW HIM AWAY!! I don't think there is any punishment too severe for people that willfully abuse animals!!

At least this story has a happy ending thanks to CritterCamp! BraveHog now has a happy, warm, loving forever home.

This is BraveHog on one of Razzle's airplane blankies! <3

Thank you, CritterCamp, for rescuing BraveHog and for all the other wonderful animals you care for.

Please visit CritterCamp's website to see the incredible work that they do:


LakeJW said...

Would like to give that person a swift kick in the ... anyway... I'm so glad someone noticed him (amazing!) and BraveHog was rescued!! And so good to see him getting the TLC he so deserves. No doubt he is appreciating that comfy Razzly-dazzly blanket!! Hooray for CritterCamp!

Anonymous said...

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Rachie-Babe said...

I'm so glad they found this little one. How could someone DO that to a living creature? I just don't get it!!!!