Thursday, May 15, 2008

My First Black Eye! (Yes, this is animal related...)

So pretty much every weekend, I have been at Chicago Animal Control, walking and "getting rid of dogs" as Steve says (meaning, finding them new homes). It's been great! We have gotten so many dogs adopted over the past couple months, including at a Wolves Hockey Game "adopt-a-dog" night where I found Jude a new home.
Jude, a 6 month old pit-bull mix

The dogs are transported in the supercool Animobile:

Huge crowds at the Chicago Wolves game. Dogs were featured on the large screen and got to take a ride on the Zamboni around the rink!

Oh yes, on to the black eye!!

So on Sunday I was at the shelter, and a young couple asked to see a cute black & tan doggie named "Tara". The dog cages are secured by a metal pole that you swing up to unlock. Usually the dogs are chomping at the bit to get out and pushing on the cage door, so it can be tricky trying to hold the door so the dog doesn't escape while bending down to try and get the leash around their neck. I don't know what I did, but apparently I had the metal pole in an upward position as I was down struggling to get the leash on Tara and while she was pushing on the cage door, the metal pole came swinging down and hit me....HARD...right above my left eye. The couple gasped, "Oh my God, are you ok ??" I said, "Oh yeah...fine", although I saw stars and birds chirping around my head. But I shook it off like it was no big deal and finally got Tara out for a walk.

By the time I got home later that day, my eye was somewhat swollen and getting darker. Steve had me put ice on it immediately and it brought the swelling down. It really was not all that bad considering, and not that noticeable.

That is, until today....four days later. It's getting blacker by the minute and extending outwards. It's getting harder and harder to conceal. There's a huge purple and black mass with yellow and green colors radiating upwards. Looks like a blind person was trying to put eyeshadow on me.
My Shelter war wound:

Of course, now when Steve and I are in public, I make sure to stand a few steps behind him and say, "Yes dear, whatever you say...just don't get mad at me again." heheheh. Poor Steve.

Anyway, my first real black eye - my very own badge of honor at the shelter! Thanks doggies!


Janice said...

Ouch! That's quite a black eye! Poor thing. Have you tried black eye shadow on the other eye to balance things out? If you do, post another picture. ;) How did the foie gras ban repeal protest go?? Haven't seen you on the news yet...

HedgieMate said...

Ouch! I hope the swelling has gone down by now. I'm glad the injury didn't affect your eye sight -- it could have been a disaster. I'm also glad your efforts in promoting the adoption of underprivileged dogs at the animal shelter are paying off! Keep up your great work! ;-)