Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Froggy, Kismet & Mousy post for now....

Easy, breezy Sunday....

My final day with the kitties. What sweet little angels they all were!

Today was a perfect, sunny-but-not-too-hot Sunday. Steve had to work, so I checked in on the cats to see how everyone was doing.
Well hello.

Then I took a stroll around the neighborhood, first stopping off for lunch at Merle's!
What a cute place.


Then did a little window shopping. Love this store!

Yes, those are hedgehogs!

My walk around town.

Back to the kitties after a nice, long walk.
Must be dinner time!

Oops, excuse me, Kismet!


Umm...not sure!

Paws in the sun

Sweet Mousy

Guess who needs attention too?

Who's coming to bother me now?

Out of all the windows, Froggy had to want to look out this one!!

Poor Mousy just wants a little attention without the boys annoying her!

Well Kittens, it's been such a pleasure cat-sitting you. I know you are happy that your mom and dad are coming home tomorrow. I hope you tell them about how much fun we had! Until next time!