Saturday, December 3, 2011

Goodbye to one fine Gentlecat

I am very sorry to report the passing of the sweet Kismet - a kitty with such big, expressive eyes, fur as sleek as a seal, and a soft and gentle soul.

I loved the times I had the honor to cat-sit with Froggy, Mousey and Kismet. Kismet was always such a little love - coming over to me with a purr as loud as a motorboat. Giving me his little "Kismet kisses" on my hand. He would run enthusiastically to his dinner bowl and chant his little "meows" while waiting patiently for his meal to be prepared.
Kismet Kisses

Kismet with his brother, Froggy

Our thoughts go out to Kismet's wonderful family. He was a big kitty with a big personality. I can only imagine how much you must be missing him.

Goodbye for now, sweet Kismet. Your memory will live on with those of us lucky to have known you.


that girl said...

I've enjoyed seeing Kismet's adventures from your kitty-sitting posts. Sweet Kismet. Saying a prayer for you and all who loved you tonight.

Anonymous said...

Awww... so sorry to hear the sad news about Kismet. He seemed like such a sweet soul... My heart goes out to his human family and feline playmates.

I'm sure Razzle welcomed Kismet with open arms and they're now enjoying each other's company in the Rainbow Gardens. Play nice, Kismet & Razzle!

Maren said...

Thank you for your kind words about our sweet kittyboy and many hours of cat sitting. Kismet was a gentle soul and we still miss him deeply. Thank you to others for your sympathy as well.

Sue Ann said...

As Kismet's grandma, Deb, I want to say an enormous "Thank You!!" for your cat sitting and blog. I have followed it for a long time. The pictures are amazing, and your remembrance brought tears to my eyes. Oh that every pet could be so memorialized!! Many thanks and hugs!