Thursday, October 31, 2013

Goodbye to the Mayor

It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of our furry friend, Froggy.
Froggy was a boisterous, friendly and outgoing kitty.  He would tell you all about his day, in great detail.  He would also tell you about the day of others he would watch as he looked out the front window.  (He was a bit of a gossip!)  He had quite a talent for story-telling and would weave some fantastic tales.  The times I had the honor of cat-sitting, he would even call out from the window as I approached the doorway.  He couldn't wait to start telling me all about the adventures of the day.  I used to tell Froggy that he should run for Mayor as he seemed to know everyone and everything happening in his neck of the woods.  He agreed he would make a fine Mayor, as not only did he enjoy meeting people and getting to know them, but people really seemed to be drawn to him and interested in what he had to say.
Hello!  How are you?  Let me tell you about my day!  So the first thing I did today was.....

All that talking can exhaust a little kitty, and that's when Froggy would become Mr. Cuddlebug.  He would purr and snuggle, all warm and cozy. 

Sweet Froggy cuddled on my lap

Froggy -- I know you have met up with your brother Kismet and have so much to tell him.  I'm sure you are entertaining all your new friends with your grand stories.  I know you'll tell everyone about what a wonderful time you had with the best parents that a little kitty could ever ask for; and how, as much as you didn't want to leave them, you knew it was time and you were so thankful they were there by your side.  Thank you for always greeting me with such enthusiasm when I came to visit and for telling me all about the goings-on in your world.   I will miss your voice and your purr and the jingle of your collar.  Please know that you'll forever be in the hearts of your mom & dad and those who were lucky enough to know you.
Godspeed little guy.

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