Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A tough day....

A few days ago, I noticed that Razzle's nose seemed a bit runny, so I made him a vet appt for this morning. His nose actually appeared to clear up as of last night, but I still wanted him to go to the vet because I just thought "something looked wrong". Turns out, there was a bit of fluid in his lungs so they took X-rays. According to the X-rays, Razzle has an enlarged heart. There was also a suspicious lump on his underbelly.

Razzle has to have an ultrasound next Tuesday so we can figure out what is causing the enlarged heart and what our next steps will be. He might have to be on heart meds for the rest of his life. I hope it is as simple as that and not something more serious.

It isn't until we get his heart issue under control that we can deal with the lump to determine if surgery is the next step. In the meantime, the vet gave me some meds for Razzle to help with the congestion in his heart/lungs.

Poor little baby....he's been such a trooper. But this heart condition may have been a long-standing condition. In fact, he might have been born with it - there is really no way to tell. His hospital stay back in November due to a respiratory infection might even have been caused by this underlying heart issue.

But a weakened heart does not stop Razzle the Rowdy. He was a fiesty one this morning! He does not enjoy going to the vet, and apparently he associates his travel case with the vet. I arranged his blankies in his travel case and put Razzle inside. He wanted no part of it. He kept coming out. I hated to zipper up the door and make him feel trapped, so since we had a few minutes before we left, I put his travel case in his cage with the door unzipped so he could feel free to walk around if he wanted.

Sure enough, Razzle bolted out of his travel case. He walked around his cage, even took a minute to run a few laps on his wheel as if to say, "See? Look at me! I'm not sick! Why do I have to go to the doctor's?"

Then he went back into his travel case, only to emerge with his blankie by his teeth!!! Using all his might, he yanked the blankie out of the travel case by his teeth and proceeded to wrap himself up in the blankie making his point very clear: My blankie and I are going nowhere! Unfortunately, I had to put him and his blankie back into the travel case - but Razzle would not let go of his blankie! He had it clenched in his strong little jaws and would not let go, even when I tried to take it from him. He kept on it like a dog playing tug-o-war!!

He's home now...resting in his igloo....and I am so worried for him. He'll start his round of meds tonight and hopefully by next Tuesday, the fluid in his system will have diminished.


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HedgieMate said...

Awwww... his blankie tug-o-war really got to me... What an adorable and endearing little you're, Razzle. We're sending healing thoughts your way. Tell your nice mommy and daddy that you'll be fine in no time!!