Sunday, March 4, 2007

Update on Razzle

Razzle has been SUCH a good boy, taking his meds every day. His energy level seems to be better. He's been running on his wheel every night, about 0.75 Miles a night. Not bad! He *looks* better to me too...I can tell he feels better too. YAY RAZZZLE!!!

Here are some cute photos of Razzle & his daddy watching the Patriots game (when they didn't make it to the Superbowl):

Ready for a good game buddy?

OOH! They should have had that touchdown!

I'm so antsy, I can't sit still...

OOF! They should have caught that! Oh, I can barely watch this mess...

yet it's like a train wreck...I can't turn away from the horror!

they may be winning now...but not for long!!!

Uggh - what in the world was he thinking???

That's it...I think I'm just going to hide under here....

I can't take it anymore!!! I have to take out my frustration on this hat!!! GRRR!!!

They should have gone to Superbowl! GRRR! GRRRRR!!!!

I'm pooped....oh well there's always next year...*sniff*


HedgieMate said...

I'm glad that you're feeling much better now, Razzle! Hope the medication will work wonders for you. (Sorry about the Patriots game... Better luck next time... Hey, aren't you a Chicagoan and supposed to be cheering for Bears???)

Razzle said...

hee hee....yes i did cheer for the bears, but my loyalties will always be to new england where me and my mommy were born! go pats!

Kayte A.R. said...

So adorable!!!!