Saturday, November 10, 2007

I received an email today from Beth at Critter Camp to let me know they rescued a sweet little hedgehog they named Nicky. Nicky was found wandering around at a pet store. Apparently, someone bought him and decided they didn't want him anymore and just left him. What is wrong with people?? Good news is, Nicky is now in Beth's care and has a loving, forever home. Beth wanted to let me know that Nicky is using some of Razzle's items we donated a few weeks ago!! :)

Beth posted the following photos of Nicky using of Razzle's hedgie-bags:

And it wouldn't be like Razzle to not have any coincidences surrounding events having to do with him! The hedgie-bag that Nicky is using in these photos is the very same hedgie-bag in the following photo of Razzle. This was the photo used to create his "birthday" cake on the day he passed away. Also, is it me, or do Nicky and Razzle look strikingly alike?

I am so happy that Nicky is safe in a loving home, and feel so good knowing he is cuddling up in a warm, soft hedgie-bag that my baby once snuggled in.

I get the feeling that Razzle is pleased too.


Miss Steffy said...

Oh my...why would someone just leave a beautiful baby like nicky all alone? he is one of the lucky ones to have found a loving home. I guess people but hedgies on a whim, not realizing the care and involvement it takes..i have to be grateful though to the people who don't love their hedgehogs..that is how i got my two cactus's.

Candi said...

Must be nice to see Nicky benefiting from your items. And a little sad too. :(

happycamper603 said...

Hi Deb!!

It is great to read about your experiences at the shelter. Sounds like a wonderful place.


P.S. See you in December