Monday, October 22, 2007


This weekend Steve and I ventured up to German Valley, Illinois to go to CRITTER CAMP - an exotic animal sanctuary about 2 hours away from Chicago. I wanted to donate some of Razzle's things. I know Razzle would like to know his things were helping other little critters that could use them.

We met with Beth, who I swear is a saint for rescuing all these animals that have either been abused, abandoned and/or just left on her doorstep.

All of these animals have been given a second chance and so well taken care of. Beth gave us a tour and she knows the name of every single animal. I hopefully can remember some of their names. All of them were so sweet and we had so much fun meeting them all!

Shadow the Artic fox! He was so pretty...

Flash the Fennec Fox - he was so sweet!

Look at those ears!

You can't help but say "Awww!"

Quagmire, the cute Bearded Dragon

He was very friendly!

Hello from Chi-Chi!

Guinea Pig Land!

Bunny Land!

A degu!

The ferrets were so cute!

Sugar Glider!

Petey the Parrot


Last but not least, this is Prickleball!!

Prickleball showing everyone who is boss!

This is only SOME of the animals that reside at Critter Camp.
Check out Critter Camp's webpage with photos of all the animals HERE.

Critter Camp is a non-profit organization doing such wonderful work helping animals and providing them with a loving, forever home. If you are in the Illinois area, it is so worth a trip to visit the animals and make a donation. If you love animals and want to support a really unique exotic sanctuary that is doing such great work, I encourage you to make a donation, no matter how small. Every bit helps. Just imagine all the work that goes into helping these animals.
Critter Camp's Video - great shots of all the animals we saw!


Miss Steffy said...

geez..looks like my house! heh, sounds like you had a good time there, sorry i have been late on responding. i am trying to catch up on all my blogs i read, hectic week...i wanna frolic in guinea pig land :)

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?