Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to Razzle's Mom

I had this beautiful pendant made for me of my sweet Razzle, taken from one of my favorite photos of him. The picture was taken earlier this summer when Razzle was "caught" frolicking on his wheel.

If you've never been on, you are missing out. I highly would recommend the artist that did Razzle's pendant. Her name is LaWatha and her shop is here. Gorgeous stuff. You can email her a photograph of your pet, yourself, anything you want, and she can turn it into a cool pendant or a magnet. Super cute! Also makes a sweet and thoughtful gift - even if it's for yourself!
Razzle pendant & magnets

Razzle is always with me where ever I go, but now everyone can see him. Happy Birthday to me!! I sure miss you, Snifferoo.


HedgieMate said...
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HedgieMate said...

Good work, Razzle! That was indeed a VERY nice birthday present for your mommy. You're getting so good at sending these signs. I thought your iPhone trick was pretty nifty too. G says hi. We all miss you, but we also know you're still with us every time we think of you! Give our best regards to your friends at the Bridge!!

Oh and, "Happy (belated) Birthday" to Razzle's mom. :)