Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, dear Razzle

Today would have been Razzle's 4th birthday. July 3rd isn't the day Razzle was born (I don't know that date) but is the day that I got Razzle and my life changed forever.

Steve and I will be celebrating tonight with a special dinner and angel food cake for our little angel. I'll update more tonight.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Razzle!!

Tonight we had a special dinner of sushi and reminisced about the first time Razzle tried shrimp. He went crazy over it and proceeded to anoint furiously, ending up with a huge frothy mess of shrimp gunk all over his quills.
So, in honor of Razzle, we had to get some shrimp maki rolls.

We were hungry when we ordered (delivery! Gotta love Chicago!), and ended up with waaay more food than we really needed. You know you ordered a lot of food when they include four sets of chopsticks.

There was, of course, birthday cake as well. Angel food cake with strawberries and cream. Mmmm. And yes, I made those little angel food "baskets" from scratch!
Happy Birthday, little angel!

We sure miss you, little pumpkin. Things are just not the same without you. I hope that once in a while, you look down from your big meal-worm field in the sky and know how much we think of you and love you.


HedgieMate said...

Happy Birthday, Razzle! We know you're watching over your human mommy and daddy from the Rainbow Bridge. Have extra mealies and shrimp on us for your special day! Geoffrey sends you a big hedgie B-day hug too!

Janice said...

Thinking of you and sweet Razzle today on his birthday! Special dinner, huh? Pass the crickets!

I'll be out of town on Razzle's Rainbow Bridge anniversary, but want you to know that I'm thinking about all of you. I made this wordle using some words from your blog and some that reminded me of Razzle.

I hope you like it! Hugs to you on Saturday.

It's a pretty cool website (

Steven said...

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Everyone talks about meal worms and shrimp I know you like those, but you and i know your favorite is cooked hamburger.

I miss you,


HedgieMate said...

We're thinking of you on your 1st Rainbow Bridge anniversary, Razzle. May all your mealie, shrimp, and cooked hamburger dreams come true! G sends you a big hedgie brother hug. *kiss*