Saturday, July 5, 2008

One Year Ago...

I can't believe a year has already gone by since Razzle's passing.

I guess the weirdest part about a year going by is that, for the past year I've been able to look back and think, "oh last year at this time..." and recall an event when Razzle was still with us. It's like time stood still around here as far as Razzle's things. His cage with his igloo, wheel and his toys are all in the same spot. The 'message board' in our kitchen still has his medicine schedule on it. I just haven't wanted to let go of him.

His ashes were even still in the black container from the crematorium. I have been looking for a year for the perfect "urn", but nothing seemed perfect enough. I wanted to make one, but I could never find the right materials. I finally bought a very natural looking piece of pottery that I thought was nice, but it took me about 6 months to get used to it. It also took me that long to get the nerve to open up the black container to tranfer the ashes. I did that today, at 11:49am, the time that Razzle passed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

It was hard to see the little packet of dust and bone, but I think I needed to wait a year before I could have done this. I placed some of Razzle's blankies, along with a letter I wrote him, into the urn and carefully nestled the packet of ashes in. Steve and I then told Razzle how much we miss him and how he will never be forgotten.

I think the urn is fitting for Razzle. It's very natural looking, with etchings that look like quills. I especially like the twig with the curly-q sprig. It's very original. Just like Razzle.


Rachie-Babe said...

I love the new urn! I think it's very fitting.

HedgieMate said...

I agree; the pottery is very fitting. I LOVE the curly tendril thingie on it -- so playful and endearing just like Razzle! It's a beautiful urn. We miss you too, Razzle.

(P.S. Is that a Schleich hedgehog figurine in front of the urn? G has one too.)

Holly Hog said...

You could not have laid out a more perfect memorial for Razzle.