Sunday, August 12, 2007

As promised...Hedgehog Items Part II

The most adorable pendant ever! My sister sent me this, along with some great smelling incense and a wishing candle (there will be another post with a picture!). I love this little hedgie necklace!

My hedgehog plant items. I just found this one recently!

My plush hedgie friends...

Cute little guy I saw in a local boutique

This was a birthday card that my sister got me one year - where she found it, I'll never know!!

The sweetest little hedgehog pottery! Razzle's Auntie Janice got us this. It's so adorable!

Bought this off eBay a couple years ago. It's called a "Witches Ladder." What you do with it, I have no idea. But it has a hedgehog on the end!!!

An Iron-on Hedgie Patch. Haven't found the perfect shirt to put it on yet...

Some neat note-cards. I wrote a thank-you note to Razzle's doctor on one of these.

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Miss Steffy said...

I love the pendant and the witches ladder..darn i like all of it, the only place i can ever find hedgie stuff is on the web :( I did see though on the internet a "Beware of Hedgehog" sign..whicht suits my crabby terrors who have been known to "huff" at random..(insert jaws music here)