Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Signs from Razzle

This past weekend, Steve and I went up to Albany, Wisconsin for a little get-away. As mentioned in my earlier post, our first stop of the morning was to grab that cute hedgehog bag.

On the ride up to Wisconsin, I had my new bag in my lap and kept looking down admiring it. Steve would look over at me periodically and laugh saying, "You really like your new purchase, huh?" How could I not? The print so perfectly captures the little poses of hedgehogs that it looks as though they were drawn from photographs I have of Razzle.

The 2-1/2 hour ride up was very relaxing and we were enjoying the views of wide open spaces, horses, cows and corn.

As we were nearing our destination, I heard Steve say: "Oh. My. God." I looked out my passenger side window and saw the sign: Edelweiss Golf Course ahead.

Edelweiss!!! hee hee! :)

We got to our Bed & Breakfast too early to check in, so we decided to go exploring around. The Inn Keeper suggested a cute town that was only a few minutes away, where there were coffee and gift shops. We drove over and walked around all the cute shops, deciding which one to go in first. One in particular caught my eye, and we went inside. We didn't see the name of the store until we were already at the threshold of the doorway:

Edelweiss Bath & Body.

I had to get one of these!

Smells so good, you want to eat it!

On the way home, Steve asked if we could stop off at a store - he wanted to check out a line of lamps that his company reps. We walked around the store, up and down the aisles, looking for the lamps without any luck. Suddenly I spied a bunch of ceramic hedgehogs on one of the shelves and beelined over to it. Strange item to be in this particular store, so we just had to laugh. Steve didn't really like the look of these hedgehogs. I admit, they were no Razzle, but a hedgehog is a hedgehog!

We still were not able to find the lamps, however, and we continued to look around the store. I went back over to the hedgehogs to pick one out, trying to find the "cutest" one of the bunch, when I noticed one of the hedgehogs was facing in a different direction than the rest of the pack. I straightened them all out and then looked behind me to across the aisle: there were the lamps we were looking for! They were across the aisle from the the same direction that the one hedgehog was "looking". Steve had a new respect for the "ugly" hedgehogs.

Of course, one came home with us:

Coincidence? Was Razzle with us? I'd really like to think so. :)


HedgieMate said...

Debbie, I'm certain that Razzle was with you and Steve all the way. It's so much like Razzle to keep dropping small hints to keep both of you entertained. What a sweetheart he still is! I hope you had a nice get-away trip in Wisconsin. :)

P.S. I spent 5 years of my youth in Wisconsin.

Miss Steffy said...

I believe..