Sunday, August 5, 2007

One Month Ago

It's hard to believe that a month has gone by since the last time we saw Razzle. This morning, I talked to Razzle and told him how much I missed him. At 11:49am, I thought about how one month ago, Razzle began on his new journey. I just wonder what he's been doing. Does he remember us? Does he miss us? Does he come to visit us every once in a while?

We had a leisurely day today, and took a drive out to the 'burbs to go mini-golfing. That's when I noticed the clouds. Just like a month ago today, I saw hedgehogs playing up in the sky.

I sure do miss you Razzle.


LakeJW said...

First of all, 'yes' to all your rhetorical questions (even if I'm not supposed to answer them)! You and Razzle will always be connected. He was your special boy...and still is, just in a different way. Hearing his song, seeing hedgehog clouds is his way of comforting you and telling you that he's still with you. Maybe you can make him a Wii hedgie? :)

Miss Steffy said...

After all these years..I still talk to every single mouse. hammy, etc. who has passed on..I have to admit..I miss Razzles voice....Gerber and Baby send many huffs and chirps. All is not lost :)