Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Sign from Razzle

Yesterday I was feeling particularly down and missing Razzle. I got home from work and went over to his empty cage. I took the canister of his cremains and sat and talked to him a while, then sang him one of his favorite songs, Edelweiss. (I change the lyrics to "Baby Raz"). I told him that I really wanted to know that he was okay. I still worry about him, even now.

Today during my lunch break, I wandered over to a Barnes & Noble. I haven't been in there in months, as the Chicago Public Library is literally right across the street. But today for something different, I headed over there to browse through the shelves. Within a few minutes, the instrumental music that was playing throughout the store caught my ear: Edelweiss.

Not a song you hear every day. I certainly have not heard that song played anywhere except by me (I just learned to play it on guitar). Funny how I happened to walk in at the very moment that song started playing.

Thank you Razzle for your sign today. Hearing that song made me feel like you are around me; that you could hear me singing your song to you; and that...wherever you are...everything is just fine.
The song I used to sing to Razzle. The words are pretty silly, I know, but it was made up on the fly one day and Razzle seemed to like it.

Baby Raz
Baby Raz
He's my Sweet Little Pumpkin;
Sweet and Bright
Fluffy White
He's my sweet little Pumpkin.

He's so cute and he's so sweet
And his crunchies he likes to eat.

Baby Raz
Baby Raz
He's my sweet little Pumpkin

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HedgieMate said...

Razzle, I'm so glad that you've managed to send a sign to your mommy. You wanted to say, "Hey, mom, I was singing with you when you sang the favourite song of mine last night. Did you hear me? I'm always watching over you and daddy," didn't you? You're such a sweet little boy...
Your mommy misses you, but she's doing okay too, so be happy and well among your playmates at the Rainbow Bridge. :)