Wednesday, July 4, 2007

On the Fence

I wish I had better news.

Razzle isn't doing any better. I've been syringing him 2cc's of Pedialyte every 2-3 hours. The doctor said to stop at 11pm. I started up again at 7:30am this morning. He hasn't shown any interest in eating. He didn't come out of his igloo at all last night.

He is very, very weak. I called the emergency vet and they, of course, say it's up to me as to whether or not I should bring him in. They said if he's not getting better (or getting worse) he might need something more (like oxygen) that I can't give him at home.

This is quite the conundrum. Going to the doctor's stresses him out big time. Stress is what got him into this situation in the first place. Do I risk putting him under even more stress by taking him in? Furthermore, I know he will not eat at the vet's and has a better shot at eating here. I can syringe feed him here without much of a struggle, where it is almost a feat of impossibility for the poor vet techs to syringe feed him! (Not to mention how taxing it is on Razzle). However, they are the experts, not me. If I do this from home, I'm not sure I'm doing this right; or giving the right amounts. They can't tell me unless they see him.

I know he's more comfortable at home and I'm doing all I can, but I don't know if it's enough and he needs more than I can do. I just don't know if putting him through the stress is going to be counter-productive. The emergency vet said maybe to wait and see how things go in the next couple hours, but I know things aren't going to change. Razzle is exhausted. I hate having to keep bugging him to give him his fluids. I can only hope that what I'm doing is correct.

Uggh, what to do...what to do....
Well i've pretty much decided to keep Razzle home rather than subject him to the stress of traveling and being poked and prodded. If he starts taking a drastic turn for the worse, then we'll think about taking him in.

I just gave him two more CC's of Pedialyte and he is tolerating it well. He even seems to be a little spunkier. Maybe he is turning the corner?


HedgieMate said...

Debbie, I wouldn't take him to the vet or emergency hospital... at least not yet. I truly believe that a vet's assistant or technician would be doing exactly what you're already doing only at their facility, and Razzle doesn't trust them so that he wouldn't take any food from them, so that would be much worse. At this point, you're his best and only caregiver that can put some food in him. If he doesn't improve in the next while or if he gets worse, then you may not have any choice but to rush him to the vet. Wait until then.

I used Bach's Rescue Remedy on Geoffrey for about a year. I'm not sure if it produced any positive results, but I did a ton of research beforehand and I know it's hedgie-safe.

Best wishes and hope Razzle will come around soon. Our fingers and quills are crossed tight for his quick recovery. *hugs*

Razzle said...

Thank you so much! I agree about the vet situation. I just don't think he could handle that stress right now and it would probably do more harm than good.

He's pretty stable right now. I just syringe-fed him a mixture of ground kibbles, babyfood, pumpkin, low sodium beef broth. He did well. He's still fighting me a little bit, which is a good sign. He's still pretty weak, but not getting worse *knock on wood* ! Thanks for always cheering him on. It really means a lot to both Razzle and I. :)