Monday, July 2, 2007

Ha!! Gotcha again!!

Snacks went uneaten. Wheel was not run on. All was quiet in Razzle-land last night.

He heard.

We tried to keep the (good) news quiet, but apparently it got out and Razzle wants to make sure we don't get too comfy.

Since his check-up, Razzle has been quiet and lethargic. He's hardly eaten. He hasn't run. This morning, I gave him his medicine and he threw up (very rare for him to do in the morning).

Tonight when I got home, I lifted up the igloo to find a big blog of poo on Razzle's foot and also stuck on one side of his nose blocking his nostril!! This is a new one.

First of all, Razzle never poos in his house, so right away this is concerning. Secondly, the poo was blocking a nostril and most likely blocking his already compromised breathing. Lastly, the poo was green indicating stress.

Getting the poo off his nose was not easy. It took a while of gently using a wet face cloth, but it eventually came off.

Talk about a brown nose (or green the case may be).

Something stinks!

This happens after every vet visit. Razzle must just get so stressed out that it takes him a while to get back to normal. I also think this is a reaction to getting "put under" (something his doctor HAS to do in order to exam him). It's really quite a catch-22. I just get so worried and hope he DOES get back to "normal". In his condition, he can't afford to have a day where he doesn't eat or drink, never mind two days.

Even in just a day, I can feel a difference in Razzle. When I pick him up, he feels small...weak...frail. I also noticed that Razzle was walking funny...kind of like his back legs were scrunched up behind him. He was sort of hobbling around slowly. He sniffed at his food without interest. He ate one mealworm, but it looked like he had some problems swallowing it. He took a couple sips of water, then quietly and slowly hobbled back to his igloo. I haven't even yet given him his medicines tonight for fear he might throw up. I'm worried that the poo over his nostril limited his oxygen intake? Uggh...what a freak thing to happen.

Oh Razzle....please come around. Why oh why do you love to make us worry?

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HedgieMate said...

Oh, poor Razzle... I'm sure his last check-up visit to the vet upset him. G is EXACTLY the same way. He gets upset and thrown off balance by things like that quite easily. Some hedgies are just born sensitive, I guess. You never get used to it as mommy worries about her little one no matter what...

We'll keep our fingers and quills crossed for Razzle so that he will bounce back soon!