Saturday, June 30, 2007

Shh! Don't tell Razzle!

Razzle had his 30 day check-up today and...lots of good news! We have to speak in hushed tones about it around the house because it seems that everytime Razzle finds out he's doing well, something happens. So, we're keeping quiet about this good news.

His heart & lungs look good! Even on the lower dosages of the heart meds, he's doing very well. His poos are back to normal, which means no more yeast, so he can stop taking one of his meds for that. Yippee!! He gained weight..he's 401 grams...the most he has ever weighed!
Razzle showing us how it's done...

But the most amazing news today...the second tumor that was found...the tumor that we feared could grow quickly like the last one did....has shrunk!!! It's barely even noticeable on the X-ray!!!

We are going to continue with his heart meds dosages the way the are. We are going to continue with the Pepsid, as that seems to help with any upset stomach he may get from meds. He's going to continue with a low dose of antibiotics as a preventative. And he's going to continue to get stronger and healthier!



Razzle said...

yay me

Miss Steffy said...

I won't say it too loud but yay..yay..yay...Gerber and Baby send jubilees in hushed huffy puffy tones.