Thursday, June 7, 2007

Record Run!

For over a year now, we've been recording Razzle's running time/mileage with a nifty odometer we (Steve) hooked up. It was a feat in mathematical wizardry figuring out how to calibrate the odometer to accurately calculate the mileage for the small diameter of a hedgie wheel! Luckily Steve was able to figure it out since I am by no means a mathematician.

Back in "the day", Razzle would run an average of 4 miles per night. His all-time record was 7 miles. His running time diminished greatly shortly before we discovered he had a heart condition. And his running time diminished even further after his surgery.

He still runs, however. It may just be for a couple minutes. It may be just for 0.05/miles. He has not even run as much as half a mile since about February.

Last night didn't start out being a great night. I gave Razzle his medicines, this time spacing them out since we've had some issues with him throwing up. He was fine until I gave him his last one, Nystatin (used to treat the overproduction of yeast in his stool). Immediately after administering the Nystatin, Razzle threw up. It is just so terrible to see him throwing up, especially since there is nothing I can do. I also can't help but look on in fear as I'm sure this violent action is not good for his heart. There will be no more Nystatin. He should be all set with it anyway, but obviously it's just too harsh for him.

But Razzle is one tough dude....he didn't let some nasty medicine ruin his night!! He just shook it off and went right over to his food bowl! He also ran THE MOST he has run since his heart diagnosis. He ran a whopping 0.48 (shattering his previous record run of 0.22) and ran for almost a HALF HOUR. Before I went to sleep, I heard Razzle running on his wheel and called out some encouraging words, "Good boy Razzle!! You're doing a great job!" I would wake in the middle of the night and still hear him running! He also ate a ton of his crunchies - moreso than usual - and made just a big ol' mess everywhere. I think he may have been celebrating his friend Geoffrey's birthday!! :-) It was really promising to see him with more energy. I hope this means he's feeling better and maybe his heart condition is improving. *fingers crossed*

Keep up the good work Razzle!!

Nobody behind this wheel but us teeth!

Excuse me waiter, but there isn't a bug on my plate...


Peggy said...

Party on, Razzle!

HedgieMate said...

Razzle, you're a true buddy... Thank you for running on the wheel and eating like a horse in the sprit of G's B-day celebration! And in the process, you made your mommy and daddy happy -- so it's a win-win-win situation. What a brilliant move! :)

We sincerely hope this will be your big turning point and you'll be well on your way to much better health. Go, Razzle!! (LOVE the toofy shot behind the wheel. G knows how annoying it can be to have a slow mealworm service too...)

Miss Steffy said...

What a great achievement Razzle! I'll send you my personal Chef, he makes a wonderful Super-Worm Sorbet. What gorgeous teeth you have! You must have had Veneers put in.