Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Geoffrey's Birthday!

One of Razzle's friends has a birthday today - a very special hedgie named Geoffrey! He turns TWO today!!
Click here to see a photo of the adorable Geoffrey!!



HedgieMate said...

Wow, a guest appearance on a blog... and not any blog, the Hog Blog! This is SO COOL!!! Thanks, Razzle! You made G's special day truly special. *hearts*

G has been such a bore and sleeping his special day away so far, but I'm make sure to show your message when he wakes up this evening. :) G will get extra mealies and a few drops of his favourite ice cream for a special treat. I'm sure his wheel will be extra poopy tonight...

Razzle said...

Yaaay G!!! Oh, he gets ice cream! How cute! Well good to hear he's relaxing on his special day. Hope he has a fun-filled evening and makes a big ol' birthday bash mess!