Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Update on Hospital Stay = Day 2

Razzle did well overnight. I spoke with the doctor this morning and she was reading me the notes on Razzle and it said, "Slept most of the night. Was not interested in eating." I said, 'Oh he did eat some when we came to visit! I asked him to eat and he did!'. ;) Just then, they were offering Razzle mealworms and the doctor said he was lunging at them and wolfing them down!! That's my boy! She said he looks good; looks bright and alert; calm. He's been resting comfortably. They will do more blood work to see how his kidney/liver functions are doing. He'll spend another night at the hospital. I hope he can come home tomorrow though. It just doesn't seem right to not have Razzle at home.
Went to visit Razzle tonight. I immediately noticed the new (bad!) attitude! Mr. Huff Butt Hufflemeister was in full-force letting me know without question that he was mad. Daaammmnn mad....
Look, see. I've had it up to here, see? I want out. Out I say!

I brought with me some mealworms, which Razzle lunged at. I mean, I barely moved my hand away in time. He ate several of them. I put a few in his baby-food as well so at least he'd have to eat some of it along with the worms.
I see you wormies!

Going in for the attack!

No more mealworms?? What's the big idea?

He looks much better - very feisty, plumper. He's still not eating a whole lot though. It seems all he wants is mealworms, but he needs to start eating regular foods. If it were up to Razzle, I think he'd be just happy on an unlimited mealworm diet. Normally he shouldn't eat so many worms, but right now he needs whatever nutrients he can get. And he is willingly (understatement!) eating the worms. He is still having green poos though since he hasn't eaten much.

After all his fighting and huffing around, he finally relaxed and we sat quietly for a while before I gave him kisses goodbye until tomorrow.
Ready for a nap

Good night Razzle. Please eat something during the night sweetie. I want to take you home!


HedgieMate said...

Attaboy! Keep gobbling up the mealies!!! Go-ooooooh, Razzle!! :)

Steven said...

Keep fighting Razzle!! Good Boy!!