Saturday, June 2, 2007

Razzle Romper Room

The recent muggy weather has been noticeably affecting Razzle. The humidity definitely is not easy on heart disease patients. Last night, Razzle plopped down for quite a while, obviously pooped. He didn't run at all on his wheel and was generally quite lethargic.
Hot & Hazy Chicago:

Hot & Hazy Razzle:

We've also had some issues lately with Razzle throwing up his medicines. Until this past week, I had never witnessed Razzle throwing up, and it's not a sight that sat well with me. There was nothing I could do but leave him alone. I'm not sure if it was the combination of the drugs or the fact that they went down his throat too fast...but it happened again tonight, unfortunately.

So tonight for something special I put together his play-pen with toys and hiding spots and places to play.
Razzle's Play Land:

So far, he seems to be enjoying it!

I plan to let Razzle have the entire night in the playpen so he can enjoy total freedom running around. I hope to see evidence in the morning that a good time was had!


Steven said...

He loves his playground! Run Razzle Run!! Good boy!

Razzle said...

hi daddy!

Candi said...

That looks fun! I can see why he loves it! The photo of his head down is super-sad looking though. I'm glad the next photos were of him playing. I love his lobster toy. ;)

Razzle said...

I hate when he puts his head down like that!! It is really sad looking. :( But he had a great time in his play-pen and even ran on his wheel. He was in it again last night too and made a big mess. Hee hee..that's his lobster beanie baby named "Pinchers." :-D

HedgieMate said...

All hedgie parents know "a mess" is good -- as a sign of a good time being had by our babies! Go ahead and make a big mess in your play pen every night, Razzle. It will make your mommy happy. ;)

G splatted in his cage a few nights ago when it was so hot and humid too. Let's hope the weather will cooperate for Razzle's heart.

Go, Razzle!

Miss Steffy said...

What a wonderful little holiday for the little angel. I bet he had a freaken blast! What a courageous little prickle pear.

HedgieMate said...

PRICKLE PEAR!? -- What a dead-on description of a hedgehog! You're absolutely right; that's exactly what they look like. I don't know why I couldn't come up with the description... How clever of you. You just made my day, miss steffy!

And, of course, goooooooooooooo Razzle!

Razzle said...

HAHAH!! i LOVE prickle pear!!!! That is so cute!!! You know that's what I'm going to be calling Razzle now. Hee hee. I'm sure he's saying, "Oh goody...another cute little name for me. When is she going to stop treating me like a baby??" :-D