Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dinner is Served

Razzle's dinner consists of a blend of the following dry cat foods. These foods are high protein/low fat which is the preferable diet for African Pigmys.
Royal Canin Lite 37:

Wellness Lite:

Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul Lite:

The Wellness brand has the perfect little hedgie-sized pellets, but the Royal Canin and the Chicken Soup kibbles are a tad on the large side. For that, I break up the pieces using a mortar and pestle:

Not that Razzle needs to watch his weight at all. In fact, he still needs to put a little meat. For that, he gets a snack every night which includes a high-calorie food called Maxi-Cal:


Sometimes I sneak a bit of Razzle's medicine in there too. Shhh!!!

Razzle has been drinking much more water lately due to the fact that he is taking LASIX, a diuretic, for his heart congestion.

I asked his doctor is putting a bit of Pedialyte in his water might help ward off dehydration and she thought it might help him a bit. I've been adding 3cc's into his water and so far, so good.

The medicine cabinet

Dining at the Double H Cafe:

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