Sunday, May 13, 2007

Everything's Coming Up Razzley...

Stitches are all healed up.....

Fur that was shaved for surgery has grown back.

A healthy appetite has been restored.

Pre-hospital figure has been regained.

Overall cuteness still intact.

Lots of reasons to smile!

Now the little darling needs a BATH and NAIL TRIM!!!


Candi said...

YAY! He's looking awesome and plump! :)

>>Pre-hospital figure has been regained. Lol! Very cute!

You guys are SO lucky!!!!!!!!!! He is so strong. Poke his quills for me.

Miss Steffy said...


HedgieMate said...

I'm SO glad that Razzle is on the mend! He looks absolutely adorable in these pics! His "belly botton" is too cute... It appears all he needed to be at home where he feels safe and secure. Kudos to him mommy and daddy for nursing him back to health. Keep up the good work recovering, Razzle!

Razzle said...

Thanks everyone! Razzle is doing great! He still hates taking his medicine though and gives me a fight every morning and night. He is fresh, that one!