Monday, May 21, 2007

And Razzleberry Dressing...

Picture of Razzle as my wallpaper on my cell phone. This is the picture everyone sees after asking, "what's a hedgehog?" - taken February 2006

Little Razzle is still hanging tough. He looks a tad tired to me; frail; tiny. He needs to gain a bit of weight still. I'm sure with all the meds, he doesn't have the biggest of appetites anymore. He is still fighting me every morning and night when I go to give him meds, and that's a good thing. Though I have noticed it is getting *somewhat* easier...not sure if it's me just becoming a total PRO at giving a squirmy hedgehog meds or he is not fighting me as much? He hasn't been running hardly at all the last couple nights. Last night he was on the wheel for only 2 minutes and 33 seconds. We still have the odometer hooked up to his wheel and I record every night's running. I check to see if I notice any evidence of this tumor getting bigger, and so far I can't tell. If it has grown at all, it isn't immediately obvious.

Razzle didn't really eat much of his snack last night (Max-cal). The Max-cal was a big hit at first, but maybe he is tired of it. So tonight we are going to try one of his old favorite treats: beef baby food. He did eat a couple wormies tonight though, and that was a good sign. He is still a tad underweight and could use a bit of meat on him. Oh if only I could have that problem! :)

Keep going strong my Razzle!!

This is Razzle assuming "Medicine Avoidance Position"

Oh by the way...I did try to give Razzle medicine by holding him a different way (not on his back) dice. Any other way, he digs his toenails into whatever surface is there and tries to run.

As far as the scratching, I still notice he is scratching here and there, but it's not only the area of his surgery. Now I see him scratching up by his ears on occasion. It might just be your normal "hedgie scratches". He goes in for another follow up this weekend, so I will mention it.


HedgieMate said...

I had to laugh about the "Medicine Avoidance Position" shot!! I see not only his cuteness is all intact but also his sense of humour hasn't been lost at all. This shot is a spitting image of our Geoffrey trying to get away from my loving embrace... Too funny...

G says, "We know you can beat this. W'e're rooting for you all the say, buddy. Gooooooooo Razzle!"

Razzle said...

Hee hee...thanks for the vote of confidence!!! Geoffrey sounds like quite the little character. When is he going to have his own blog?? :)

HedgieMate said...

Alas, Geoffrey will never get his own blog or website. He just doens't have the charisma Razzle has... (sorry, G!)