Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Vet Check-Up Today

Razzle went in for his 2 week post-hospital checkup. He's looking gooood!!! His doctors said his lungs sound better!! YAY!!

We had the following questions today:

1) Medicine issues: Very difficult to give meds. Is it stressing him out too much? Also - sometimes he throws up the meds. Afraid he's not getting proper dosages. Can't rely on mixing in with food if he doesn't eat it all. Are shots an option? Will it hurt him?

Shots are not an option. We must still try to get Razzle to take his meds by mouth. It really is a tough task with Razzle and his kickboxing moves. I was afraid he was stressed out, but his doctor said, if he were stressed, he'd roll up in a ball. He is doing the exact opposite! It's good he has so much fight I guess, but it certainly is not easy trying to get those meds in him!

2) FOOD: has he gained enough weight? Should we still feed Maxi-Cal ? Concerned about too much fat and Fatty Liver Disease. Because he didn't eat for several days, could Fatty Liver Disease have started? Any way to test for it? Can it be reversed?

Yes, we sound continue on the Maxi-Cal. Maxi-Cal (Eucanuba Maximum Calorie) is just as it says: high calorie! But Razzle still can use a little weight on him. As far as Fatty Liver Disease, there may be beginnings of that just due to the nature of his heart condition. But, as long as he is eating, he is doing good. Razzle will be happy - he loves the Maxi-Cal! It's like Chinese Food for Hedgehogs.

3) Mouth / Teeth: His mouth and jaw seem different to me for some reason. Keep thinking he might be sore from me forcing meds on him.

The meds (particularly LASIX - a diuretic) may dry out his mouth, which would account for the different sounds/movements from Razzle's mouth.

4) Had a couple green poos. Stress? Meds? Need fecal float done.

He does have an overgrowth of yeast (probably from the antibiotic). He is on a probiotic (BeneBac) but in addition, we were given yet another medicine for the yeast. Oh Joy!

5) Ask about PEDIALYTE. Would this be good to give to Razzle? Will the Lasix cause any electrolyte imbalance or dehydration issues? He does appear to be drinking sufficient water. Would adding a bit of Pedialyte to his water be beneficial?

Yes, it can't hurt. It might even give him a bit more energy. Now to decide upon which flavor - apple or grape?

6) Ask about LANOXIN...a heart med. Would this be a good addition to his medicine arsenal - not that I want to add more meds, but thought I'd ask!

No. This medication is much too strong for hedgies. Maybe as a last ditch effort only.

7) Needs nails clipped.

One pedicure - done!

Follow-up in 2 weeks.
Razzle at the doctor's office


Steven said...

thats my boy. he is doing very well.

Janice said...

All news points to YAY! Try not to fight your parents so much on the med front...keep your energy for the wheel!