Monday, May 7, 2007

Razzle is HOME and EATING!

So we rushed up to the hospital on Friday afternoon to see if I could get Razzle to eat. He had a lot of energy and looked better (though small) but he still wouldn't eat. He seemed to have a bit of cabin-fever from being cooped up in his tiny aquarium and just wouldn't sit still!! He wasn't interested in eating - not even his beloved wormies. He just wanted to escape, it seemed. We thought he'd have a better chance of eating if in his own environment. He had been doing good off oxygen, so his doctor said she would recommend he go home with us.

Razzle X-rays....notice his quills!!

We took him home and he slept for the remainder of the day. I'm sure he was happy to be in his igloo with his comfy blankies. As much as I wanted to check on him every 10 minutes, I let him be. I'm sure the peace and quiet was much appreciated.

That night, I had left a smorgasbord of all kinds of treats for him to choose from. Of course, he picked the high calorie food we got at the vet's (used for weight gain in animals that have lost a substantial amount of weight - it's like the Pizza of pet foods). We were so happy that he was eating!! That night, he even ran a few minutes on his wheel!!

He did well over the weekend and continues to get stronger every day. His heart meds have been increased, and he is now also on an antibiotic for his lung infection. Giving meds has now become a 2-person ordeal. Razzle wants no part of it and is so squirmy that it's nearly impossible to get the little syringe to his mouth. Steve now has to help me and try to hold Razzle's head gently while I try to position the syringe and quickly adminster meds. It doesn't always work. Sometimes the medicine ends up on his fur; sometimes the floor. His medication is so very important that it must be done, so we try and try until it is. On one hand, I dread giving him his medicine every day and dealing with this struggle; on the other hand, I'm glad he has so much SPUNK!

Goooo Razzzzzzzzle!!!!!!


Candi said...

That is great news! I'm so glad he is home and active and EATING!!!!

Janice said...

Oh Razzle, I'm so glad you're home! There's no better place to recuperate than snuggled in your blankets and igloo. Take it easy and let your parents wait on you hand and quill. Hope things are wonderfully normal/boring for a long while.

Janice said...

Maybe they were just added, but I didn't see these pictures when I commented before. Is that plush Bounty carpeting? I've never noticed how nice the patterns could be! :)

Razzle said...

Hahhaa..yes, that's his Bounty carpeting! Soft and absorbant - it can stand up to tough spills!

I did add those pics in after, so you aren't imagining things!