Friday, May 4, 2007

Hanging in the Balance....

Razzle in his oxygen tank

We went up to visit Razzle again last night. I picked him up and he recognized me right away and unrolled even more than last night. At first, it seemed like he was feeling much better as he showed quite a bit of energy. But then, that burst of energy wore him out fast. I put him back into his oxygen and gave him some mealworms, which he did not eat. He also just wanted to lie down and put his head down. I adjusted his blankie so he felt safe and covered, sang him a couple songs, and looked in on him through the glass aquarium tank. He was lying still, obviously exhausted. I put my head down on the table next to the glass and stayed there with him for a while. Then he turned his head and looked at me through the glass for a little while. I dont know if he was telling me he was going to be ok..or not.

This morning we called to check on his progress and were greeted with no-so-promising news. Razzle's respiration did NOT improve overnight. He's been kept in oxygen with the hope that we could slowly wean him off and he'll be able to come home. He also did not eat...not even the worms I left for him. We are to speak with Razzle's main doctor today to hear more and discuss our "next steps".

The news this morning was not good. And I'm doing everything I can to keep positive and hold on to some hope that Razzle pulls through. He's a strong boy and a fighter. I just want him to be home, sleeping in his favorite igloo, hearing him hiss at me for bugging him, fighting with me when I give him meds, gobbling up hamburger and wormies, running on his wheel and making a big ol' mess. I haven't cleaned a messy wheel in over a week now. What I'd do to be at the sink scrubbing a poopy wheel....

Come on Razzle!!!!!!!!!!

Spoke with Razzle's primary care just now (actually Steve did - I'm too much of a mess right now...) and she sounded a bit more hopeful. Her biggest concern is that he isn't eating. If we can get him to eat, then we'll be in much better position. But I know my boy....he won't eat around strangers and especially if he feels he's being watched. Maybe if he's hungry enough, he will, but I'm not sure? So I asked Steve to call back and see if we can come up there. I think I can talk to Razzle and tell him the importance of eating. He did eat a little the other night when I was with him, though he did not last night. So I think a good talking to is in order.

I also don't know if I can stay at work much longer. I've been hiding out at my desk, afraid to see/talk to anyone for fear they will ask me about Razzle. It's going to be a long day....

UPDATE 1:04pm
Steve is coming to pick me up from work and we are heading up to the vet's office. I am going to see if I can get Razzle to eat something. I think we are also going to have to talk about what our next steps are in terms of his care...what his chances are of getting better and coming home with us. Keeping fingers, toes, and quills crossed for my pumpkin. Come on Razzle!

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Candi said...

I hope he is doing better. This sounds so awful for him and for you two. :( I cannot imagine how this weekend went for you. Email me or call when you can, and I'll also be checking your blog. Come on Razzle!!!!!! Eat for mommy! *crosses fingers* I hope they can get him to eat something. I hope you can bring him home soon. We'll be thinking of you and Steve and Razzle. *hug*